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Marcos Malumbres

Marcos Malumbres was born in Tudela, Spain, in 1965. He studied Biology at the Universidad de Navarra and then moved to León to characterise the genes and molecular pathways leading to amino acid biosynthesis in bacteria. Marcos obtained his PhD in Molecular Biology at the Universidad de León in 1993 and moved to the New York University Medical Center (USA) for his postdoctoral training in collaboration with A. Pellicer (1994-1998). During this period, he focused on the effect of Ras activation in cell cycle control and cell proliferation.

Marcos returned to Spain at the end of 1998 to join M. Barbacid’s lab in the then newly created CNIO. His research focused on the generation of mouse models to analyse the in vivo role of cyclindependent kinases and their inhibitors in cell cycle progression and tumour development. In 2003 he obtained a Staff Scientist position at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and in June 2004 he decided to stay at the CNIO to lead the Cell Division and Cancer Group.

Marcos Malumbres has authored more than 80 papers including relevant contributions to understanding the in vivo function of key cell cycle regulators and their relevance in cancer therapy. He has also contributed to deciphering the role of microRNAs in tumour development and their putative therapeutic uses in cancer. Malumbres received the Beckman-Coulter Award for Young Scientists in 2005.