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Eva Ortega

Eva Ortega-Paíno is PhD in Chemistry (Specialization in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) from the Complutense University of Madrid. She has a broad experience of more than 25 years in Immunology, Oncology as well as in Management of National Innovation Projects and Biobanks.

After completing her PhD studies at the department of Immunology in the national hospital Ramón y Cajal, she moved to Sweden, Lund University, where she developed most of her career. There she focused her research on the search for targets in Mantle Cell Lymphoma by means of gen silencing. Later on, Eva moved to Norway to work in a Biotech Company as a Senior Scientist in pre-clinical research testing on cell lines the effect of different recombinant antibodies.

Back to Sweden Eva changed completely her career and started to work in the Biobank field. There she developed an important role as Coordinator for the South Sweden Service Center for BBMRI Infrastructure, a pilot project that engulfed teaching, promoting biobank activities, counseling in ethical, legal and societal issues, as well as linking analytical platforms, researchers and biobanks in a tight, dynamic manner. From 2018 and after the transition from to Biobank Sweden Eva was appointed as representative in the National Network of the southern region of Sweden (Skåne). In addition to the national level, Eva has also participated internationally in sample quality work groups in the BBMRI-ERIC European Consortium.

Since Sep 2019 she has joint the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) Biobank team as Scientific Director for the unit and her goal will be to put the CNIO Biobank in the front line of cancer biobanks not only nationally, but also internationally, as well as facilitate the whole chain from needle to freezer and return to the society in high quality research for precision diagnostic and personalized medicine.