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Becarios Post-doctorales

  • María Elena Hernández

Técnicos de Laboratorio

  • Mª Isabel Albarrán
  • Antonio Cebriá
  • Elena Gómez-Casero
  • Javier Klett
  • Mª del Carmen Rodríguez de Miguel

In the Experimental Therapeutics Programme, we perform both phenotypic and targeted-based drug discovery. The Biology Section is devoted to the biochemical, cellular, and in vitro/in vivo pharmacological characterisation of the compounds synthesised within the Programme.

At the biochemical assay level, we have developed a panel of different biochemical assays and optimised them for the targets used in our screening campaigns. We have currently established more than 30 different types of biochemical assays, mainly focused on kinase activities and covering a broad range of sensitivities and technologies (FI, FP, FRET, TR-FRET, chemiluminiscence, coupled enzymatic reactions, binding assays, etc.) adapted to the targets that we have been working on.

Recently, in order to identify inhibitors of relevant cancer targets with no enzymatic activity, we have started to develop biochemical assays to measure protein/protein interaction and protein/DNA interactions. These assays are based on AlphaScreen and AlphaLISA technology.