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Investigadores Científicos

  • Alba de Juan

Becarios Post-doctorales

  • Alejandra Aroca
  • Sarai Martínez

Becarios Pre-Doctorales

  • Eduardo Garvín
  • Jan Hochstadt
  • Mariola Munárriz

Técnicos de Laboratorio

  • David Cáceres
  • Mónica Gómez
  • María Nogales

Myeloid cells are abundant in solid tumours. While their heterogeneity has been widely described, efficient ways of manipulating these cells are scarce. My laboratory focuses on the identification and therapeutic targeting of myeloid checkpoint programmes in cancer. By studying the microenvironment in which lung, ovarian, and breast cancer emerge, we examine how macrophages crosstalk with the stroma and how they modulate their malignant conversion into cancer-associated fibroblasts. As metastasis is the major cause of death in breast cancer, we explore the mechanisms by which neutrophils exacerbate metastasis malignancy. Lastly, understanding how tissue physiology is perturbed in cancer is key to investigating novel ways to modulate anti-tumour immunity: we do this by exploring the circadian biology of immune responses, interrogating how our diet modifies the lipid metabolism of macrophages, and mining the dysfunctional properties of bone marrow-derived haematopoiesis.


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