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Investigadores Científicos

  • Alba de Juan

Becarios Post-doctorales

  • Sarai Martínez

Becarios Pre-Doctorales

  • Eduardo Garvín
  • Jan Hochstadt
  • Mariola Munárriz

Técnicos de Laboratorio

  • Mónica Gómez

The Cancer Immunity lab studies myeloid cells in the different tumour microenvironments. By focusing on the remarkable heterogeneity of these cells in a tissue-based manner, we aim to uncover their functional roles in shaping T cell responses.

First, we focus on how myeloid training can impact long-term anti-tumour responses. Next, we study how resident macrophages in the lung and in the ovary shape tumour-associated fibroblasts and metabolic responses, respectively. Lastly, we analyse how circadian biology impacts the initiation, progression and unresponsiveness to current therapies in lung cancer.