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  • Alba de Juan

Becarios Pre-Doctorales

  • Eduardo Garvín
  • Mariola Munárriz

Técnicos de Laboratorio

  • Mónica Gómez
  • Gonzalo Soria

Myeloid cells are the major and most diverse component of solid tumours. In our laboratory, we are interested in identifying novel therapeutic targets to block the pathogenicity of tumour-associated myeloid cells, while preserving their homeostatic functions. In particular, we study the biology of macrophages, neutrophils, and their precursors to understand whether their unique plasticity can be reprogrammed to cure cancer.

Our laboratory tackles these challenges by analysing these cells in the tissue in which they reside, i.e., the tumour microenvironment (TME). As immune cells dynamically adapt and establish heterotypic interaction with other cellular components in the TME, we concentrate our efforts on capturing these interactions. By focusing on breast and lung cancer, and through close collaborations between our laboratory and the clinic, our goal is to discover novel therapeutic venues for cancer patients.