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Luis Álvarez-Vallina
Luis Álvarez-Vallina Jefe de Unidad de Investigación Clínica
T +34 (+34) 917 328 000 (Ext 2950)

Investigadores Científicos

  • Belén Blanco
  • Anais Jiménez

Becarios Post-doctorales

Becarios Pre-Doctorales

  • Francisco Javier Arroyo
  • Eva García
  • Marina Gómez
  • Susana Luengo
  • Lucía Rivas
  • Laura Rubio
  • Alejandro Segura
  • Miriam Velasco

Técnicos de Laboratorio

  • María de la Yedra Pacheco

Científico Visitante

  • Manal Mohamed Elsayed Ahmed
  • Philipp Lapuhs

Immune evasion is a critical step in cancer progression in which tumour cells modulate the host immune system to evade destruction. Our Unit focuses on understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms of cancer immune evasion to develop more effective and safer cancer immunotherapies. The Cancer Immunotherapy Clinical Research Unit has several areas of interest:

  • Reactivation of tumour-specific endogenous T cell repertoires through the design of multi-specific antibodies against a combination of immunomodulatory targets. Preclinical and early clinical data show that this is a promising approach to enhance the clinical benefit of conventional checkpoint blockers.
  • Generation of tumour reactive “artificial” T cell effectors by redirecting T cell activity towards cancer cells, targeting tumour-associated antigens (TAAs) with bispecific T cell-engaging (TCE) antibodies and/or membrane-anchored chimeric receptors (chimeric antigen receptors and/or chimeric costimulatory receptors).
  • Development of multi-target approaches that simultaneously recognise extracellular and intracellular tumour antigens.
  • Rational design of mRNA-based therapeutics.
  • Provision of personalised cancer treatments by bringing new immuno-oncology drugs and adoptive cell therapies to the clinic.