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Sandra Rodríguez
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  • Raúl Torres

Becarios Pre-Doctorales

  • Pilar Puig

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  • M. Carmen Martín
  • Marta Martínez-Lage
  • Francisco José Moya

Recurrent chromosomal rearrangements are very common and well-known hallmarks of cancer. One of their main consequences is the creation of new chimeric genes as a result of the fusion of the coding sequences of 2 different genes. The research activity of the Molecular Cytogenetics and Genome Editing Unit (MC&GEU) is focused on increasing the knowledge about the genetics of tumours and the discovery of new therapeutic targets. With the combined used of CRISPR genome editing and cytogenetic technologies, we are creating human in vitro models that recapitulate chromosomal, genetic and epigenetic cancer alterations. The goal of the Unit is to provide the CNIO and external researchers with the latest technologies used in the fields of molecular cytogenetics and genome editing. The Unit is constantly implementing and developing new technologies in the gene editing field. We also participate in collaborative projects with clinical and basic science investigators at the CNIO and other institutes.