Grupo de Epidemiología Genética y Molecular

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  • María Evangelina López de Maturana

Becarios Post-doctorales

  • Silvia Pineda

Becarios Pre-Doctorales

  • Jiangchuan He
  • Francisco José Jurado
  • Alberto Langtry

Técnicos de Laboratorio

  • María Dolores Alonso
  • Lidia Estudillo
  • Vanesa Moreno
  • Sergio Sabroso

Científico Visitante

  • Raquel Benítez
  • Claudia Coscia

The scope of the research carried out by our Group ranges from the identification of aetiological agents and mechanisms, to the translation of the findings into the clinical and Public Health domains, focusing on bladder, pancreatic, and breast cancers.

We employ a wide variety of biomarkers to better characterise exposures, genetic susceptibility patterns, and cancer outcomes. Omics data provide a unique opportunity in this regard and the Group explores its integration in epidemiologic studies.

The strategic goals of the Group are to:

  • Identify non-genetic and genetic factors, as well as their interactions, associated with cancer development and progression and with its molecular/omics subphenotypes.
  • Develop and apply statistical/informatics tools to model the risk and course of patients with cancer by integrating epidemiological and clinical data with omics information.
  • Assess clinical and public health strategies for cancer control using current genomic tests and data.