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Técnicos de Laboratorio

  • Sara García
  • Julia García

Flow Cytometry is an indispensable tool in the oncology field. It allows multiparametric analysis for the identification, quantification and isolation of defined subpopulations of cells, based on the levels of expression of fluorescent markers and their relation to each other.

Our aim is to provide CNIO groups with technical and scientific advice regarding the use of cytometric technologies, collaborating with them in the design, acquisition, data analysis and interpretation.

We have 4 analysers and 3 high-speed cell sorters, with different configurations of lasers and detectors, to cater to all our users’ needs. We also have an automated magnetic bead separation system (AutoMACS), 2 automated cell counters and a tissue homogeniser (GentleMACS). Analysers are user-operated upon appropriate training, and cell sorters are operated by the Unit staff. Our sorters can separate up to 4- or 6- defined populations simultaneously, as well as perform single cell cloning. We can accept human samples to sort according to Biosafety regulations.