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Giovanna Roncador
Giovanna Roncador Jefe de Unidad
T +34 917328000 (Ext 3130)

Técnicos de Laboratorio

  • Lorena Maestre
  • Ana Isabel Reyes

Due to their high specificity and selectivity, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are exquisite tools that enable researchers to address basic questions in biology; they are currently one of the most important classes of reagents used in biomedicine.

The Monoclonal Antibodies Unit provides CNIO Research Groups with an “à la carte” generation of mAbs. We are highly specialised in the production of mouse and rat monoclonal antibodies. The Unit also offers mAb characterisation and validation, mediumscale mAb production and a service of Mycoplasma testing for the cell culture facility.