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International Women’s Day. Theater Play

International Women’s Day. Theater Play

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“A room of one’s own” Virginia Woolf

"A room of one’s own", play based on the texts of famous writer and feminist, Virginia Woolf, arrives at CNIO. The play directed by María Ruiz e interpreted by Clara Sanchís comes here in a halt on its way between the Pavón Teatro Kamikaze and the Teatro Español, where it will arrive at the end of April.

From the WISE Office we are delighted to welcome this review of Virginia Woolf’s work to the CNIO, a perfect vehicle to celebrate International Women’s Day.

"A room of one’s own", essay based on the conferences on women and literature that Woolf delivered at the ladies Cambridge colleges, come to light in 1929. The famous and polemic essay, are still almost a century after her publication a reference to the women’s movement.

"...And the greatest liberation of all came, which is the freedom to think of things as they are. There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind."– Virginia Woolf, extracts from a room of one’s own".

María Ruiz counts with an extensive experience as a director and as a teacher of scenic direction, among her long list of plays there are well known clasics such Macbeth of Shakespeare, The portrait of Dorian Gray by Wilde or The night of the Iguana by Tenessee Williams. "The dynamics of this false conference is an imaginary, vivid and humorous experience that flows like an inexorable river into some of the most intelligent and simplest-looking ideas about the realization of women role in the world - all in a time of great social revolution, with the struggle for equality of men and women before the law"- María Ruiz, over the play.

Clara Sanchís, is a versatile and consecrated actress that has starred in over twenty theatrical performances. She has also worked in many screenplays with directors as Manuel Iborra, Jaime Chávarri o Martínez-Lázaro. From her television work, we have reciently watch her in the sucessful tv series Isabel, or popular series as Cuéntame or Hospital Central. She said she was moved and shacked from the reading of a room of one’s own. "Virginia Woolf says that she was a colorful tiger that went round and round, circling around its prey, closing the circle, until biting them in the neck. Why does this speech hurt and enlighten me, if they are things said almost a century ago? Without answer, I felt the need to shout these words of Virginia Woolf in the scenes. Today "- Clara Sanchís, about reading a room of one’s own.

We hope you will enjoy the play!

Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas (Spanish National Cancer Research Centre) - CNIO Auditorium
C/ Melchor Fernández Almagro 3 / Av. Monforte de Lemos y C/ Sinesio Delgado
Theatre Play, 7th March at 12pm For security reasons we recommend you to be at the CNIO reception 10 minutes before the activity starts.
60 persons