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Histopathology is the branch of pathology dealing with the tissue diagnosis of disease. The Histopathology Unit at CNIO offers a full range of services for both human and mouse tissue samples, including processing, embedding, and cutting for paraffin tissue. We also provide most standard histological stains as well as research/diagnostic immunohistochemistry, antibody workup, in situ hybridization (including microRNAs) and TUNEL, tissue microarray (TMA), digital slides & analysis and laser capture microdissection services to researchers at CNIO, as well as within the surrounding academic and hospitals community.

The Unit is equipped with all the instruments required to automate most of the processes involved in our services, what allows achieving highly reproducible results. Our set up includes three automated tissue processors (two Shandon Excelsior Thermo® and one Microm®); and automatic platforms for immunohistochemistry and in situ hibrydization (three Roche-Ventana Discovery®XT, two DAKO AutostainerLink48 and two Leica BondMax®). Tissue microarrays can be prepared by using a Beacher Automated Tissue Arrayer (ATA-27) or manually. High quality imaging technologies are also available in the Unit. The 3DHistech Mirax® scanner offers whole slide images (digital or virtual) with excellent image quality. The system includes a user-friendly software interface that facilitates comparison of different images as well as an on-line teleconsultation, which users can access via an intra- or internet setting. In addition, the AxioVision® module allows for quantification analysis on virtual slides. Also, an ARIOL Digital Imaging System & Quantification Analysis software is available for digital slides and morphometric studies. Finally, laser capture microdissection is provided by a PALM MicroBeam Laser Microdissector, a workstation for ultra-pure sample isolation.

This Unit participates in several External Quality Assessment Services/Programmes (EQAS), such as NordiQC and UK NEQAS.