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Information for donors: donors’ rights

If you donate your samples to the CNIO Biobank, or to any other biobank, you must know that you are entitled to:

  • Revoke your consent to the use of samples or data in research: in this case, biological samples will be made irreversibly anonymous or destroyed, and your data will be removed from the Biobank database. The donors in this case, may not withdraw samples.
  • Cancel the use of personal data.
  • Access to personal data stored in the Biobank.
  • Update your personal data stored in the Biobank.

To exercise any of these rights or to obtain more information, contact us at the following address:

Biobank CNIO
Spanish National Cancer Research Centre - CNIO
c/ Melchor Fernández Almagro, 3
28029 – MADRID (Spain)
Telephone: +34 912246917