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Mariano Barbacid

CNIO starts a transition process at the helm

The Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) has initiated a process to prepare for the succession of Dr. Mariano Barbacid’s current leadership. He has been the Director of the CNIO since its conception back in 1998 and has been responsible for implementing the current scientific structure of the Centre. He feels that this succession process is necessary in order to consolidate the long-term strategic plans for the Centre, standing down as the leading figurehead of the CNIO, as occurs in other well-established international research centres.

Dr. Barbacid considers that this is the most appropriate time to proceed with this transition, based on the optimal institutional and budgetary stability, the excellent Faculty and the growing international prestige of the Centre.

In recent years the CNIO has achieved a publication record that has placed it as the top research centre in Spain. For example, during 2006-08 the CNIO generated 41 of the 257 publications published by all Spanish research institutions in the 50 highest-impact factor journals (IF>15). This number of publications compares well with those generated by the 44 Spanish Universities with Life Science departments as a whole (47 publications), and with those produced by the 178 University Hospitals (64 publications).

More importantly, this publication record has also placed the CNIO among the top biomedical research centres in the World. When normalised based on its number of investigators, the CNIO’s publication record ranks among those of the Salk Institute and the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, just to mention two world re-known institutions of relatively similar size.

Furthermore, the CNIO has come out as the second best European research centre (after the Weizmann Institute) in the recent calls of the European Research Council for the Life Sciences, including Starting (2007) and Advanced Grants (2008).

Lastly, in June 2009 the CNIO recruited Dr. Manuel Hidalgo to launch its Clinical Research Programme thanks to an agreement with the Autonomous Government in Madrid and the Hospital de Fuenlabrada. Thus, making the CNIO a Comprehensive Cancer Research Centre.

The succession process will proceed throughout 2010. During this period, Dr. Barbacid will continue to serve as Director of the CNIO. Once the succession has been completed, Dr. Barbacid will concentrate on leading his own research team, an activity that he has been able to combine with his managerial responsibilities for the last twelve years.

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