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Carolina Pola

International Affairs

CNIO´s International Strategy

The Department of International Affairs (IAs) at the CNIO is an integral part of the Institutional Strategy of the Centre. The mission of the IAs is to consolidate institutional and research partnerships that are strategic for the CNIO in order to increase its visibility, reputation, research excellence, and impact both at a national and international level. Working closely with the CNIO Director, the IAs advises and supports the Director regarding institutional and international matters that can contribute to impact on CNIO´s basic and translational research activities, innovation, European and national science policy, and strategic partnerships.

As part of an overarching goal to support CNIO’s investigators, IAs also identifies and shares opportunities for international outreach and collaborations that can be of relevance to CNIO’s researchers to enhance research impact and to facilitate international engagement. The office strives to contribute to the efforts of the Centre in fostering an international culture and implementing activities aimed at achieving the globalization of our students and researchers.

Priorities of International Affairs

  • Create strategic international partnerships and networks with research centres of excellence
  • Identify and establish long-term structural projects in collaboration with national and international foundations
  • Actively participate in international and national forums on academic, science policy, and innovation issues to help shape research agendas
  • Raise the institutional profile of the CNIO to attract international scientific talent and to enhance its reputation abroad
  • Consolidate strategic alliances with global companies to foster innovation activities

To achieve these goals and boost the international engagement of the CNIO, the Department spearheads different activities that are geared towards fulfilling an international plan that will serve the Centre as a whole, as well as the needs of CNIO’s researchers on an individual basis. The actions taken are always aligned with the core values of the Centre, which are built on the premise that partnerships, research alliances and initiatives should focus on knowledge sharing, value creation, research and innovation advancement, and professional and academic development.

Main activities

  • Assisting the Director to implement current strategic actions and ensure a dynamic progress to include new institutional policies
  • Providing a structured roadmap to boost the participation of the CNIO in European and International calls, facilitating relevant funding information and interaction with potential partners abroad
  • Identifying relevant European research and training policies and collaborating with the Scientific Management Department to embed international perspectives within new courses and student programmes
  • Harnessing science diplomacy to tackle global translational cancer and ageing research issues through academic engagement with international partners
  • Coordinating with the Direction of Innovation to approach global and national companies and boost CNIO’s innovation and translational potential
  • Developing new academic and institutional partnerships and nurturing ongoing ones in order to ensure mutual goal achievement and long-term valuable relationships
  • Creating external communication material in collaboration with the Communications team to enhance CNIO’s international reputation

Director of International Affairs

Carolina Pola, Ph.D.

Phone: +34 91 732 8000 (EXT. 4065)