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Molecular Oncology Programme

Director: Vacancy
Secretary: Paloma Olave

The Molecular Oncology Programme is the largest basic research programme at the CNIO, encompassing a total of 8 Research Groups and 3 Junior Research Groups. The Programme focuses on the study of some of the most active areas of research in cellular oncology, including DNA and chromosome stability (Maria A. Blasco, Óscar Fernández-Capetillo, and Ana Losada), oncogenes and cell cycle kinases (Mariano Barbacid), DNA replication (Juan Méndez), mitosis (Marcos Malumbres), tumour suppressors (Manuel Serrano), molecular mechanisms in melanoma (María S. Soengas), metabolism and cell signalling (Alejo Efeyan), and metastasis (Manuel Valiente and Héctor Peinado).

This year, the Molecular Oncology Programme has continued to be on the frontline of oncology research. The top-level quality of the research conducted by each of these Groups is detailed in the following pages. In 2017, the Programme has authored a total of 11 papers in Nature journals (Nature 5×, Nature Medicine, Nature Reviews Cancer, Nature Cell Biology and Nature Communications 3×) and 7 papers in Cell Journals (Cancer Cell, Cell, Cell Stem Cell 2x, Cell Metabolism 2x and Trends in Cell Biology); this trend continues with New England Journal of Medicine, Circulation Research, JACS , The Journal of Clinical Investigation and PNAS. Also, during this year, researchers from the Programme have filed several patents, some of which have been licensed, and a spin-off company has been created.

Over the year to come we hope to continue to make many exciting discoveries, further increase the quality of scientific production and strive to impact on cancer research and cancer therapeutics.

We would like take this opportunity to thank our former Programme Director, Manuel Serrano, who has served as the Director of the Molecular Oncology Programme since 2012. Manuel Serrano and his group left the CNIO in April 2017 to join the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona). We are thankful to him for his important contributions as well as for his unconditional support in bringing new ideas and challenges to the Programme. Thank you Manuel for having been a part of our CNIO community and we wish you the best in your new position!

A new Director for the Molecular Oncology Programme will be appointed soon. We are confident that, under a new leadership, the Programme will continue to make significant discoveries and generate knowledge that can be translated into better care for cancer patients.