Structural Biology Programme

Bioinformatics Unit

Head of Unit:  Fátima Al-Shahrour

Bioinformatics is a key discipline for understanding the cancer genome and for the future of cancer therapeutics. Bioinformatics- based approaches have the ability to transform the huge amount of biological data into comprehensive models that provide an in-depth understanding of cancer disease and the complex relationships among genotype and phenotype that are needed to identify cancer driver molecular alterations and new therapeutic targets.

The CNIO Bioinformatics Unit (BU) has several goals:

  • To develop new computational methodologies and bioinformatics tools to enable the integration of biological and clinical data.
  • To achieve genome analysis in cancer patients’ data to identify new biomarkers and mechanisms of drug response.
  • To provide bioinformatics support with data analysis and interpretation using computational and statistical methods.
  • To maintain the scientific computing facilities at the CNIO and to provide training in bioinformatics tools and methods.