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Molecular Oncology Programme

Metabolism and Cell Signaling Group

Group Leader:  Alejo Efeyan

In the Metabolism and Cell Signalling Lab we study the interplay of nutrients, metabolism and cancer. Every cell in the organism receives signals emanating from the abundance of intracellular nutrients and from the nutritional state of the organism as a whole. Integration of cellular and systemic nutrient abundance cues is key for adequate cellular and organismal functions. Importantly, the components if these signalling cascades are functionally and genetically corrupted in disease states, such as cancer. Together with genetic mutations, environmental perturbations, such as those occurring in obesity, affect the cellular signalling cascades that control responses to nutrients and hormones. In the lab, we combine mouse genetics and cell biological tools to gain insight into the genetic and environmental corruptions of nutrient signalling cascades, aiming to conceive therapeutic interventions in the context of cancer, obesity and the process of ageing.