Experimental Therapeutics Programme

Biology Section

Head of Section:  Carmen Blanco

In the Experimental Therapeutics Programme, we are working on both targeted and phenotypic-based drug discovery projects as well as on exploratory screening projects carried out in collaboration with other CNIO Groups. Furthermore, we conduct screenings with an ETP-antitumour library in order to identify potential new treatments in tumour types or metastatic settings for which there is an unmet medical need regarding new therapies. On the other hand, this library is used to identify novel signalling pathways that modulate a target responsible for an interesting phenotype. The newly identified signalling pathways are validated by using a chemical-biology approach, through which a set of inhibitors for the target, with quite dissimilar structures, are interrogated against the expected phenotype. In order to reach a conclusion, we establish correlations between cellular modulation of the target/pathway and the desired phenotype. Finally, the CNIO Group that develops the screening also performs all the biological validation required to confirm the new hypothesis.