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Clinical Research Programme

Breast Cancer Clinical Research Unit

Head of Unit:  Miguel Angel Quintela

The Breast Cancer Clinical Research Unit (BCCRU) focuses on the translational interface of therapeutic development. Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease, and thus, there are large inter-patient variations in terms of disease course, prognosis, relapse and resistance to conventional or targeted therapeutics. Our activities are directed towards personalised treatment, and range from preclinical models to the sponsoring of multicentric clinical trials. Specifically, our research areas are:

  • Discovery of new targets for breast cancer prevention : role of fatty acid synthase (FASN).
  • Breast cancer functional taxonomy: by using a systems biology approach, we are clustering the disease into subtypes defined by biologic features that constitute therapeutic targets.
  • Study of the mechanisms of resistance against targeted therapies.
  • Staff Scientists María José Bueno, Silvana A. Mouron ɗ Conduct investigator- initiated clinical trials.