Clinical Research Programme

Molecular Diagnostics Unit

Head of Unit:  Luís Lombardía

The Molecular Diagnostics Unit (MDU) is mainly dedicated to developing, implementing, standardising and making available a wide variety of highly sensitive and specific molecular diagnostics assays that are scarcely available in the Hospitals of the Spanish National Health System. MDU’s portfolio of genetic tests enables the determination of alterations in the sequence or expression levels of key genes involved in cancer. In turn, these assays can be used for the early diagnosis of neoplasias, the detection of minimal residual disease in patients showing clinical remission, for monitoring the response to therapy in patients, as well as for facilitating decision-making amongst different treatment options. Furthermore, the Unit also provides support to the research needs of CNIO’s Clinical Research Units and Research Groups by checking their samples for alterations in the biomarkers included in our portfolio. Finally, MDU is very much committed to disseminating knowledge in the field of molecular diagnostics by hosting and mentoring biomedical students.