Human Cancer Genetics Programme

Human Genetics Group

Group Leader:  Javier Benítez

The Human Genetics Group is working on the study of human cancer from a genetic, cytogenetic and epidemiologic point of view. We want to understand why the inherited susceptibility to cancer doesn’t follow a mathematical model in people, but rather ‘an apparently random model’, and why there are families with a large number of members suffering from cancer.

For these studies we work with individuals, families and the affected and normal population, trying to perform a correct diagnosis with known genes as well as looking for new genes that could explain cancer susceptibility in specific families. Our main objective is to work with every family by raising their awareness in regards to their own risk of developing cancer and how to prevent it. To this primary level, we have to add a secondary level of prevention, which will facilitate an important risk reduction in the population, through the development of non-invasive and non-genetic but yet extremely effective measures.