Molecular Oncology Programme

Cell Division and Cancer Group

Group Leader:  Marcos Malumbres

The Cell Division and Cancer Group is interested in deciphering the mechanisms by which cell division and cell proliferation are regulated in mammalian cells. During the last few years, we have used different mouse models to understand the relevance of cell cycle regulators, including cell cycle kinases and phosphatases, as well as of proteins involved in ubiquitin-dependent degradation, in the control of cell division and tissue physiology. Our interests are: i) to understand the basic control mechanisms that regulate the cell division cycle; ii) to characterise the physiological and therapeutic consequences of cell cycle deregulation; iii) understanding the function of microRNAs in stem cell biology and tumour development, and iv) to understand how progenitor cells and cancer stem cells control their self-renewal and proliferative properties. As a final goal, we aim to generate information that may be useful for improving therapeutic strategies against cancer cell proliferation.