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Service equipment Last update March/2016
  • Incubators Innova 4430.
  • Wave Bioreactor (GE).
  • Purification systems,
    • ÄKTA Xpress (1 at rt).
    • ÄKTA FPLC (1 at rt and 2 at 5ºC).
    • ÄKTA Prime (2 at 5ºC).
  • Adaptive Focused Acoustics (Covaris).
  • Freedom EVO liquid handling workstation (Tecan).
  • Nanolitre pipetting robot, with humidity chamber (Cartesian MicroSys).
  • Two temperature controlled crystallization rooms at 5ºC and 18ºC.
  • Two Formulatrix Rock Imager 1000 (4ºC and 18ºC), for automated visualization.
  • Bruker Nonius FR591 rotating anode X-ray source.
  • Mar345-dtb image plate detector for recording diffraction patterns.
  • Oxford cryosystem with temperature range.