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Services Last update March/2016
  • Cloning and expression using any of three types of cell: E. coli, insect cells, and mammalian cells.
  • Optimization of protein expression and purification.
  • Large scale cultures:
    • Expression in shaking-flasks at different temperatures.
    • Scaling up protein yield by insect or mammalian cells growth in disposable Wave Bioreactor bags.
  • High throughput protein purification.
  • Sample quality control.
  • Automated initial screening and visualization.
  • Optimization of crystallization conditions.
  • In-house diffraction test. Data collection at synchrotrons.
  • Data processing, structure determination and analysis.
  • Crystallography in the presence of inhibitors.
  • Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS). Data collection, processing and modeling.