Molecular Oncology Programme

Brain Metastasis Group

Group Leader:  Manuel Valiente
Research highlights

The Brain Metastasis Group investigates the progression of cancer to the Central Nervous System (CNS). During 2016, we focused our efforts on various projects:

  • Using a novel medium-throughput drug discovery platform, the laboratory identified two compounds with the potential to target established brain metastasis from experimental lung and breast cancer models.
  • We identified two novel mediators of brain metastasis that are enabling us to explore the influence of epigenetics on brain colonisation as well as the ability of cancer cells to interact with neurotransmitters.
  • We are evaluating the therapeutic potential of targeting specific components of the microenvironment that are only present surrounding metastatic lesions in the brain. Our research suggests that the viability of brain metastasis is highly dependent on altered components of the microenvironment, thus highlighting potential vulnerabilities.