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Sara Fernández

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Biosketch: Sara Fernández

Sara Fernandez Gaitero was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1990. In 2014, she finished her degree in Biotechnology at Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid, where she also was working as undergraduate student (with a student grant) for 1 year, improving her laboratory skills. During her degree she also did a master in ‘’Business Administration of Biotechnologic companies’’ at Francisco de Vitoria University.

In 2013, she did internship in an International Company, TIGENIX S.L, in Tres cantos, Madrid, where she made her final degree thesis on the immunomodulatory effect of human mesenchymal stem cells on T lymphocyte in an IBD context, under the supervision of Dr. Eleuterio Lombardo.

In 2014, she moved to Santiago de Chile at Universidad de los Andes (Chile), where she was the responsible for the coordination and management of the PhD program in Biomedicine imparted by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Los Andes.

In 2015, She joined the to the lab of Dr. Eduardo Villablanca at the department of Medicine, Translational Immunology unit, at Karolinska Institutet (Sweden), where she was involved in understanding how the gut educates the immune system. She worked as research assistant and technician; and was involved in different projects and collaborations such as the Participation of retinoic acid in the expression of host defense genes in Intestinal epithelial cells; Oral tolerance, and Zebra Fish like model to study risk genes involved in colitis.

In May 2016, she joined Dr. Miguel Angel Quintela’s laboratory as a PhD student.