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CNIO Faculty

The CNIO currently houses 21 Research Groups, organised in 8 Scientific Programmes, plus 4 Clinical Research Unit(s) in the Clinical Research Programme. These scientists are supported by 17 Core Units that provide state-of-the-art facilities and technical expertise. The CNIO also has an Experimental Therapeutics Programme with 3 Sections, exclusively dedicated to drug discovery.

Below you can find an alphabetical list of all the Principal Investigators at the CNIO. Please click on the following links to see only the CNIO’s Group Leaders, Heads of Clinical Research Units, Heads of Core Units and Heads of Drug Discovery Sections, respectively.

Name Research area
Molecular Oncology Programme
Efeyan, AlejoMetabolism and Cell Signaling Group
Losada, AnaChromosome Dynamics Group
Peinado, HectorMicroenvironment & Metastasis Group
Méndez, JuanDNA Replication Group
Barbacid, MarianoExperimental Oncology Group
Blasco, María A.Telomeres and Telomerase Group
Malumbres, MarcosCell Division and Cancer Group
Soengas, María S.Melanoma Group
Valiente, ManuelBrain Metastasis Group
Fernández-Capetillo, ÓscarGenomic Instability Group
Structural Biology Programme
Plaza Menacho, IvanKinases, Protein Phosphorylation and Cancer Group
Llorca, ÓscarMacromolecular Complexes in DNA Damage Response Group
Fernández, RafaelGenome Integrity and Structural Biology Group
Cancer Cell Biology Programme
Wagner, ErwinGenes, Development and Disease Group
Real, FranciscoEpithelial Carcinogenesis Group
Squatrito, MassimoSeve-Ballesteros Foundation Brain Tumour Group
Djouder, NabilGrowth Factors, Nutrients and Cancer Group
Human Cancer Genetics Programme
Benítez, JavierHuman Genetics Group
Robledo, MercedesHereditary Endocrine Cancer Group
Malats, Núria MalatsGenetic & Molecular Epidemiology Group