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Fundación Caja Madrid
Obra Social. Fundación 'la Caixa'
Fundación BBVA
Caja Navarra
Fundación Marcelino Botín
Fundación Banco Santander
Fundación Jesús Serra – Catalana Occidente
Hewlett Packard
Amalié Petroquímica
Freesia Group
Fundación Rosae
Caja Canarias, Un Proyecto de Banca Cívica
Caja de Burcos Obra Social
Seve Ballesteros Foundation
Fundación Banco Sabadell

Following are some of the major institutions that sponsor CNIO projects of particular relevance.

LA CAIXA Foundation

Obra Social Fundación 'la Caixa'The aid of La Caixa has the main goal of establishing the collaboration with the CNIO through the scholarship of “la Caixa” for an international doctorate degree at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO).

This acclaimed Programme is an attractive offer in order to lead the best talents towards oncology research, with the understating that the selection process must not be limited only to our country but an international spectrum as well. Thus, reaching a high scientific quality of the selected candidates, which complies with the spirit marked by the European Commission Directive concerning the formation and scientific financing.

The CNIO is grateful for the support and emphasizes the importance of the creation of the mentioned Programme, taking into account that it complements the other existing scientific programmes. These scholarships contribute to the development of scientist since their early stages so that they can enter and follow a scientific work.

BBVA Foundation

Fundación BBVA The BBVA Foundation finances the start up and development of the Cancer Cell Biology Programme of the CNIO, under the direction of Prof. Erwin Wagner.  This Programme intends to complete the global scientific strategy, and will allow studying the tumours’ process by means of an integrated approximation which begins with the molecular level and continue through the analysis of genes functions in normal and pathological conditions.

The Programme is an indispensable nexus between basic and applied research, reinforcing the conceptual and research base of the Molecular Pathology Programme, dedicated to the discovery of diagnosis and prognostics of cancer, and the Experimental Therapies Programme, focussed in the production of new medicines, in this way, the oncological research development in our country will approach its final objective; to benefit the oncological patients with the new advances in the shortest time possible.

Caja Navarra Foundation

Un proyecto elegido por clientes de canThe Fundación Caja Navarra, through its Programme “Tú Eliges Tú Decides” (You Choose You Decide), finances the Programme of incorporation of postdoctoral scientists and post-residents to the CNIO.  The objective of the programme is to offer young scientists emanating from hospitals and research centres the opportunity to initiate their scientific work in oncological research at the CNIO.

The Programme consists in scholarships for postdoctoral or postgraduate, in which the candidates are scientists that have defended their thesis or the complementary formation as residents and are in a period of scientific maturity.  Given the international character of these scholarships the results give an international prestige to the centres of origin; this scholarship offers the possibility to young scientists, from different oncological research centres, of a postdoctoral or postgraduate stay in various groups, with the purpose of stimulating their lines of research.

The National Centre of Ongological Research (CNIO) offers a variety of possibilities for the scholarship, since they can integrate in Basic research (Molecular Oncology or Structural Biology), as well as in applied research groups (experimental pathology or therapies).


Avon CosméticosThe Research Project “Avon-CNIO” on Breast Cancer research has a main goal is to transfer the progress about the knowledge of the molecular mechanisms implied on the neoplasm to the improvement of diagnosis techniques procedures and prognostics, the prevention through the studies on hereditary aspects and the contribution regarding new therapies.

This Project is marked with a translational character, so that the results of research can be transferred to the patients.

The researchers of the project can count on an assigned working place designated by the corresponding Group Leader in the CNIO, it will have access to all the services provided by the Centre, among those is the animal models service, the different techniques of the Biotechnology Programme (Genomics, Proteomic, Confocal Microscopy, Tumour Bank, Immunohistochemistry, etc.), as well as the rest of general services of the centre.

The Planning of the Programme will extend throughout five years; it will begin functioning on 2009, in which the appropriate Group Leader will be contracted and subscribe a collaboration agreement with the Spanish Group of Breast Cancer Research (Grupo Español de Investigación de Cáncer de Mama) which will assure the clinical dimension of the project.

Marcelino Botín Foundation

Fundación Marcelino Botín The FMB and the CNIO formalized a contract to develop activities oriented to the collaboration in the technological management of results transfers obtained by the Tumour Suppression group led by Dr. Manuel Serrano, in the Molecular Oncology Programme, to which Dr. Maria A. Blasco joined as well.

Banco Santander Foundation

Fundación Banco SantanderThe Banco Santander Foundation finances the international postdoctoral fellowship programme aimed to support outstanding young scientists who have been trained in the UK or in the USA, and who wish to start or continue their postdoctoral training at the CNIO for two years, by developing an ambitious research project. This programme fosters scientific collaborations between cancer researchers in UK/USA and Spain.

The Banco Santander Foundations finances also the CNINNOTRAIN programme, to foster innovation and entrepreneurial culture amongst CNIO scientists.

At CNIO we believe that young researchers are instrumental to the generation and diffusion of new technologies, and for that reason we launched a new initiative in collaboration with Instituto de Empresa Business School, CNInnOtrain.

Jesús Serra Foundation – Catalana Occidente

Fundación Jesús SerraThe CNIO due to the help of the Fundación Jesús Serra – Catalana Occidente has created the Visitant Scientists Programme (PROGRAMA DE INVESTIGADORES VISITANTES FUNDACIÓN JESÚS SERRA-SEGUROS CATALANA OCCIDENTE EN EL CENTRO NACIONAL DE INVESTIGACIONES ONCOLÓGICAS) to attract prestigious International professors.

Thanks to this help, the CNIO is undertaking prestigious professors for a short stay of two - three months. This short incorporation allows us in one hand to strengthen the scientific relations between the host group at the CNIO and the  and the centre of origin of the visiting investigator, as well as to develop new lines of research according to new scientific interests.  In addition to the scientific interest mentioned, this initiative has an important public relevance derived from the public events organized.

Catalana Occidente, as a veteran group in the Spanish insurance sector, has compromised to help through the Jesus Serra Foundation with different social events, thus collaborating with several social works, beyond the traditional sponsorship.


IberiaOne of the fundamental resources to spreads scientific knowledge is the development of courses, congresses and conferences that are celebrated all around the World. Iberia annually subscribes collaboration agreement for the organization and attendance of the CNIO to those encounters, patronizing their activities through great discounts on airline tickets.

"The collaboration of Iberia with the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) is part of the company’s commitment with the present society problems.  Cancer is without a doubt one of those problems and research, is the most effective way of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.  That is the reason why Iberia supports the CNIO, a vanguard institution of oncology research, which uses innovation technology and scientific advances as the best wapon for cancer through research."

Seve Ballesteros Foundation (FSB)

IberiaThe Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) will start investigations into a new area of research, brain tumours, thanks to the support of the Seve Ballesteros Foundation (FSB), a non-profit organisation created to raise funds to promote this area of investigation.

Ivan Ballesteros, vice-president of the FSB, presented Maria Blasco, director of CNIO, a cheque for the value of 100,000 Euros, raised during the second edition of the Seve Ballesteros Foundation Challenge, a charity golf tournament which has brought together over 10,000 players at 144 golf courses all over Spain.

The presentation took place during an event at CNIO and will be used to finance an investigation project that will be carried out in the brand new FSB-CNIO Laboratory, which was officially opened with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque in memory of the legendary Spanish golf player Severiano Ballesteros. The donation will allow CNIO to incorporate Italian researcher Massimo Squatrito, who previously works in New York’s prestigious Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital.


IberiaAXA Research Fund (ARF), a global initiative of scientific philanthropy run by the insurance group AXA, has awarded two million euros to the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) to create the AXA-CNIO Endowed Permanent Chair of Molecular Oncology under Dr. Mariano Barbacid.

The call for proposals for the funding granted to Barbacid attracted top-flight researchers and research centres from all over Europe. Further, the AXA-CNIO Permanent Chair is only the fifth endowed by ARF worldwide in the Life Sciences field.

ARF’s sponsorship formula of choice is the Endowed Permanent Chair, which is funded from the interest on the capital assigned to the awardee institution, thus ensuring the long-term economic viability of the research undertaken.