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Fundación Caja MadridThe aid that Caja Madrid Foundation has given to the CNIO since its beginning has been progressive, in the same way as the centre’s growth and results. Caja Madrid’s aid is diverse; the formation of scientists in foreign institutions, the clinical research in early phases, and contracting young professionals as group leaders.

When the Centre was founded, Caja Madrid financed the rehabilitation of laboratories in Majadahonda, making the creation of the Molecular Pathology Programme possible. During the successive years, they have been supporting this programme thus financing part of the National Bank of Tumours Network (Red Nacional del Banco de Tumores) and the tuning of the oncochip.

Furthermore the Caja Madrid Foundation has supported an annual post doctoral scholarship at the Memorial Sloan Kettering of New York, with the compromise that upon their return to Spain, they must work for a year, at least, at the CNIO.

In the year 2003, an agreement was signed with the Caja Madrid Foundation, in which was stated that the financial entity would fund the incorporation and function of new groups.  The groups would be directed by young talented scientists, which were given the opportunity to initiate their own line of research. Thanks to this in the year 2004, this donation has allowed the creation of four groups at the CNIO:

All of them count with the necessary resources for personnel, equipment and fungible for five years, offering the best working conditions possible.

Caja Madrid at the end of 2008 decided to grant CNIO’s new Clinical Research Programme hosted at Fuenlabrada Universitary Hospital.