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Contributions from Patients' Associations

Fundación Caja Madrid
Obra Social. Fundación 'la Caixa'
Fundación BBVA
Caja Navarra
Fundación Marcelino Botín
Fundación Banco Santander
Fundación Jesús Serra – Catalana Occidente
Hewlett Packard
Amalié Petroquímica
Freesia Group
Fundación Rosae
Caja Canarias, Un Proyecto de Banca Cívica
Caja de Burcos Obra Social
Seve Ballesteros Foundation
Fundación Banco Sabadell

The CNIO receives the support and aid from numerous patients' associations. We would like to give emphasis to the following ones.

Freesia Group

Freesia Group"Many families are affected by cancer, that is way we understand the importance of the fight to prevent and cure this disease. Not everyone has the opportunity to conduct research, that is why we believe that the best way to support the eradication of cancer is to help those who carry out research. We consider that we can not have a passive attitude toward this matter and for that reason we gather funds through participative activities. Thus our donors have the opportunity to enjoy their contribution for a good cause."


Freesia Group"AMUMA’s contribution has a double objective: contribute to our efforts with the fight against breast cancer and to increase the awareness of the society regarding the research contribution as a weapon to fight the battle of this disease"

Fundación Rosae

Fundación Rosae"The Rosae Association of women affected with breast cancer was founded with three main goals: provide physical and psychiatric support treatment to affected women, inform women and inculcate awareness about the importance of early detection, and to collaborate in the research so that in the future our daughters don’t suffer from this neoplasm through prevention. All these have pushed us to gather funds, so that we could contribute one's bit to the great need of research in Spain."


Afanion"Through their collaboration, AFANION wants to actively get involved in the fight against cancer, recognizing the importance of research as a fundamental axis to advance in the diagnosis and treatment of this disease."