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Accessibility to Site

A page or web site is accessible when it is designed and programmed so that their contents and services are available for any person, independently of the system of navigation. For this, the CNIO Web has followed the directives of accessibility of initiative WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative), along with the fulfilment of the standards defined by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

Keyboard Short-cuts

The majority of the browsers support to go directly to specific links touching certain key combinations.

Next the keys used in this site are defined:

Key 0
Accessibility information (current page)
Key 1
Home page
Key 2
Key 3
Site map
Key 4
Change the language of the page

In Windows and Linux operative systems it works touching ALT + Key (or ALT + SHIFT + Key); in Macintosh touching CTRL + Key. Some navigators (such as Mozilla or firefox) follow the link automatically; others (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer) utilize the pointer and the user needs to press the Enter key to continue.


  1. Web standards are the better way to reach a unique and universal representation in all the browsers and devices, and for all the users.
  2. The majority of the pages in this website conform at least with all Priority 2 checkpoint of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 from the WAI. This means a Conformance Level AA according to the recommended accessibility standards.
  3. Accessibility to these pages has been checked by hand and automatic assessment tools such as:
  4. These webpages have been validated as XHTML 1.0. Syntax can be validated using XHTML validator from W3C.
  5. Pages display is based on cascading style sheets CSS, which have been validated with the level 2 of the CSS. The style sheets can be validated using the CSS validator from W3C.