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La presentación de las tesis de los doctorandos del CNIO siempre es motivo de celebración en la comunidad del CNIO.

Tesis Doctorales 02/12/2022
Elena Fueyo
Exploring the potential of selectively killing PD-L1-expressing cells in cancer therapy
Tesis Doctorales 28/10/2022
Raquel Benítez
Urothelial Bladder Cancer (UBC) subtypes characterization
Tesis Doctorales 14/07/2022
Marina Salmón
Analysis of genetic ablation of mutant Kras versus its inhibition in lung adenocarcinoma
Tesis Doctorales 23/06/2022
Coral Fustero
Shaping Personalised Therapy: a single-cell RNA sequencing approach to target cancer heterogeneity
Tesis Doctorales 22/06/2022
Cristina Sayago
A systems-wide analysis of protein methylation in pluripotency
Tesis Doctorales 17/06/2022
Nerea Deleyto
The mTORC1 signaling pathway: novel phosphorylation targets and physiological impact of genetic variants
Tesis Doctorales 13/06/2022
José González Martínez
Physiological relevance of cell division regulators in mammalian neural development
Tesis Doctorales 13/06/2022
Jing Li
Therapeutic strategies to target cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Tesis Doctorales 03/06/2022
Verónica Matía
Unraveling Novel Transcriptional Networks Regulating Diffuse Midline Glioma Development
Tesis Doctorales 27/05/2022
Oleksandra Sirozh
Exploring the role of nucleolar stress in ageing and neurodegeneration
Tesis Doctorales 20/05/2022
Adrián Fernández
Evaluation of NKG2D chimeric antigen receptor redirected CD45RA- T cells as treatment for pediatric acute leukemia
Tesis Doctorales 29/04/2022
María Teresa González
Endoglin, a novel biomarker and therapeutic target in malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors