Frontiers in Immunomodulation and Cancer Therapy (2nd edition) Machines acting on DNA and RNA, a molecular mechanistic perspective

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La presentación de las tesis de los doctorandos del CNIO siempre es motivo de celebración en la comunidad del CNIO.

Tesis Doctorales 15/04/2024
Alejandro Velasco Ruiz
Role of the mitochondrial genes in the development of cardiotoxicity: Identification of predictive biomarkers
Tesis Doctorales 11/04/2024
Sonia Corral Leal
The S249/T252 phosphorylation of RB: Significance in Homeostasis, Stress-response and Cancer
Tesis Doctorales 21/03/2024
Natalia Cuervo Iturrioz
Human WAC is a partner of chaperone complexes involved in the assembly and activation of mTORC1
Tesis Doctorales 14/03/2024
Nicolás Cuesta
Structural and molecular determinants for c-Src activation and regulation by autophosphorylation
Tesis Doctorales 13/11/2023
Javier Lanillos
NGS data-driven pharmacogenomics: preemptive germline testing and renal cell carcinoma predictive response biomarkers
Tesis Doctorales 03/11/2023
Pablo Valledor
Ubiquitin and SUMO in DNA replication: from molecular studies to age-related pathologies
Tesis Doctorales 10/10/2023
Raúl Sánchez
Functional study of mutations in TRF1 and POT1 and their impact on telomere biology and tumorigenesis
Tesis Doctorales 06/10/2023
Patricia Ubieto
A molecular study of DNA replication rewiring in the primed-to-naive mESC transition
Tesis Doctorales 28/07/2023
Elena Blanco
A multi-approach study of PrimPol and RPA functional interaction
Tesis Doctorales 14/07/2023
Lucía Morales
Exploring the therapeutic effect of targeting KRAS and STAT3 in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Tesis Doctorales 06/07/2023
Fernando Fernández García
Evaluation of type I interferon pathway in KRAS-driven lung adenocarcinoma and its potential synergy with immunotherapy
Tesis Doctorales 09/06/2023
José Luis Ruiz Sepúlveda
Immune reprogramming in response to antiangiogenic mediated hypoxia in breast cancer