Molecular, Cellular and Organismal Drivers of Aging Diet, Nutrition and Cancer Cell Metabolism

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La presentación de las tesis de los doctorandos del CNIO siempre es motivo de celebración en la comunidad del CNIO.

Tesis Doctorales 10/07/2020
Manuel Sanclemente
RAF1 as therapeutic target in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Tesis Doctorales 24/02/2020
Carmen Morales
Novel contributions of cohesin and Pds5 to maintain genome stability during DNA replication
Tesis Doctorales 14/02/2020
Magali De Koninck
Unique roles of cohesin-SA2 in proliferation and gene regulation: impact on embryonic development
Tesis Doctorales 30/01/2020
Miguel Ángel Muñoz Lorente
Study of the effects of in vivo telomere elongation mechanism in cancer and aging
Tesis Doctorales 20/01/2020
Laura Pena
Clinical and genetic characterization of 145 Spanish patients diagnosed with PTEN hamartoma tumor syndrome
Tesis Doctorales 17/01/2020
Laura De Esteban
Genetic evaluation of a combination therapy for the treatment of KRAS mutant lung adenocarcinoma
Tesis Doctorales 17/12/2019
Ana Batalha
The physiological relevance of Cdc14 protein phosphatases in mammals
Tesis Doctorales 17/12/2019
Juan José Montero
Papel de los Telomeric repeat-containing RNA (TERRA) en la biología del telómero y en pluripotencia mediado por la proteína telomérica TRF1
Tesis Doctorales 13/12/2019
Javier Perales Patón
Computational approaches for the identification of putative therapeutic targets for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Tesis Doctorales 13/12/2019
Ana Isabel Amor
Role of EMILIN1 during melanoma progression and pre-metastatic niche formation
Tesis Doctorales 10/12/2019
Maria Maroto Oltra
Cancer-associated mutations in the kinase MASTL: in the search of new mechanisms of regulation
Tesis Doctorales 12/09/2019
Iole Ferrara Romeo
Telomeres and metabolism: Part1. Functional interplay between telomere maintenance and mTOR pathway. Part2. RAP1 role in chemically-induced hepatocellular carcinoma.