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Los Ad Hoc Seminars exploran temas de investigación especializados e innovadores, atrayendo al CNIO a investigadores líderes en el campo en cuestión.

Seminarios Ad Hoc 11/12/2018
Yacine Kharraz
Full-spectrum flow cytometry: How new technologies may drive changes in multicolor flow cytometry
Seminarios Ad Hoc 03/12/2018
Aline Bozec
HIF1? expression in Immune Cells regulates Autoimmune and Infection Diseases’
Seminarios Ad Hoc 29/11/2018
Aoife McGinley
IL-17A is pathogenic in CNS autoimmunity by promoting IL-1? production that drives encephalitogenic T cells
Seminarios Ad Hoc 29/11/2018
Victor Borrell
Genetic evolution of cerebral cortex size determinants
Seminarios Ad Hoc 27/11/2018
Timm Maier
The structural basis for regulation of acetyl-CoA carboxylase 1
Seminarios Ad Hoc 20/11/2018
Steve C. Ley
Regulation of inflammation by the TPL-2 complex
Seminarios Ad Hoc 06/11/2018
Oriol Gallego
Cell engineering to implement live-cell structural biology: towards novel mechanisms that control exocytosis
Seminarios Ad Hoc 17/10/2018
Sonia Laín
From phenotypic screens to the structure of a small molecule bound to its target, and the challenges beyond
Seminarios Ad Hoc 09/10/2018
Carlos Fernandez Tornero
The role of RNA polymerase I in the protection against UV light-induced DNA damage
Seminarios Ad Hoc 02/10/2018
Fernando Martín Belmonte
Epithelial tube organization and patterning in development and disease
Seminarios Ad Hoc 27/09/2018
Marcus Bosenberg
Defining Genetic Drivers of Melanoma and Mechanisms of Anti-Cancer Immune Responses
Seminarios Ad Hoc 25/09/2018
Fernando Martín-Sánchez
CHARACTERIZING THE HUMAN EXPOSOME: a key step for Precision Medicine