Molecular, Cellular and Organismal Drivers of Aging Diet, Nutrition and Cancer Cell Metabolism

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Los Ad Hoc Seminars exploran temas de investigación especializados e innovadores, atrayendo al CNIO a investigadores líderes en el campo en cuestión.

Seminarios Ad Hoc 11/11/2022
Raquel Matos
3D cell culture, technologies as disease models
Seminarios Ad Hoc 27/10/2022
Luisa Escobar Hoyos
Altered RNA splicing a driver event in pancreatic cancer
Seminarios Ad Hoc 27/10/2022
Nikla Emambokus
Medical publishing at Cell Press
Seminarios Ad Hoc 21/10/2022
Josep V. Forment
Targeting the DNA-damage response in cancer treatment
Seminarios Ad Hoc 03/10/2022
Leticia Serrano and Raquel Bodoque
Pancreatic cancer: Study of the effects of Hyperthermic Intraabdominal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) using Gemcitabine and new approaches against pancreatic cancer stem cells (CSCs) (this seminar will be held in Spanish)
Seminarios Ad Hoc 27/09/2022
Justo P. Castaño Fuentes
Splicing Dysregulation as an Emerging Cancer Hallmark: Insights from Neuroendocrine Tumors and Pancreatic Cancer
Seminarios Ad Hoc 20/09/2022
Guillermo Montoya
Understanding protein dynamics and its allosteric mechanisms using cryo-EM: Examples in genome editing
Seminarios Ad Hoc 27/06/2022
Mao Mao
NGS and fragmentomics liquid biopsy based-test for multiple cancer early detection
Seminarios Ad Hoc 09/06/2022
Maria Robles
Proteomics approaches to understand circadian biology (EMBO YIP seminar)
Seminarios Ad Hoc 26/05/2022
Adam Antebi
Nucleolar regulation of longevity
Seminarios Ad Hoc 05/05/2022
Laure Bindels
Exploring the gut microbiome and its metabolites to tackle cancer cachexia
Seminarios Ad Hoc 28/04/2022
Christine Moussion
Deciphering the spatiotemporal control of tumor Immune phenotypes to improve T cell infiltration