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Distinguished Seminar
Date19/01/2018 Time 12:00 Distinguished Seminar
Speaker, Institution Antoni Castells. Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, Spain
Title Clinical management of polyposis and non-polyposis colorectal cancer syndromes
Venue CNIO Auditorium
Invited byMiguel Urioste, Familial Cancer Clinical Unit, Human Cancer Genetics Programme
Distinguished Seminar
Date26/01/2018 Time 12:00 Distinguished Seminar
Speaker, Institution Andrés Aguilera. Andalusian Center for Molecular Biology and Regenerative Medicine, CABIMER, CSIC, Sevilla, Spain
Title Interplay between RNA and chromatin in the maintenance of genome integrity
Venue CNIO Auditorium
Invited byJuan Méndez, DNA Replication Group, Molecular Oncology Programme
Ad Hoc Seminar
Date29/01/2018 Time 12:00 Ad Hoc Seminar
Speaker, Institution Salvador Aznar Benitah. Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona), Spain
Title Adult stem cells in health and disease: interplay between time, diet and epigenetics
Venue CNIO Auditorium
Invited byMaria Blasco and Oscar Fernández Capetillo, Molecular Oncology Programme
Women in Science Office Seminar
Date30/01/2018 Time 12:00 Women in Science Office Seminar
Speaker, Institution Laura Ferrero Carballo. Writer, freelance editor and literary advisor Instituto Vasco Etxepare. Barcelona
Title Decisiones racionales e irracionales: una breve historia de cómo llegué a ser escritora (Please note that this seminar will be held in Spanish)
Venue CNIO Auditorium
Invited byWoman in Science Office
Ad Hoc Seminar
Date31/01/2018 Time 11:00 Ad Hoc Seminar
Speaker, Institution Antoni Montserrat Moliner. Active Senior Adviser on Public Health European Commission, Luxembourg
Title '30 years of public health action from the European Commission in the field of cancer: From the European Cancer Code 1986 to the iPAAC Joint Action in 2018'
Venue 2nd floor seminar room
Invited byNúria Malats, Genetic & Molecular Epidemiology Group, Human Cancer Genetics Programme
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