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Managing Director of the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre

Juan Arroyo Muñoz is a certified State Finance Inspector specializing in tax assessment and auditing practices. He received a degree in Economics and Business Administration from Madrid’s Complutense University and currently heads the Master’s programme in Account Auditing at the Pontifical University. In addition to the Master’s programmes and courses he has taught at other prestigious universities, he is professor of Financial Economics at Madrid’s Carlos III University

Mr Muñoz currently serves on two official commissions, including one that has been given a mandate to draw up a General Plan of accounting practices. At the same time, he is involved with another committee tasked with developing comprehensive guidelines for the formulation of consolidated accounts by the Institute of Accounting and Account Auditing.

At the outset of his career in 1974, he was employed by several multinational firms in the chemical industry before switching to pharmaceuticals. He subsequently entered the public sector via the Ministry of Finance, where he carried out various tax system and accounting-related functions from 1980 until 1990, when he returned to the private sector.

Since that time, he has worked in various capacities for several blue chip (Ibex-35 listed) firms, while teaching courses and seminars at both public and private universities, and as a business consultant.

In 2002 he joined the CNIO as Deputy Director of Economic Affairs and not long afterwards took on the responsibilities of acting managing director. In 2009, he was officially named to the latter position.