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User Account

Both to request this service and to collect results a User Account, with its associated “username” and “password” is needed. The user account contains both contact info and invoicing details, but it does not imply any obligation. You can either register your own User Account or access to either the Request Form and a Results page through these links:

Request form

Request Form

  • Each row in the form refers to a single sequencing reaction (unique combination of sample DNA and primer). To sequence a DNA from several primer sites, as many rows as primers need to be filled in.
  • Please use the same DNA and primer names as written in your tubes.
  • An order confirmation sheet appears after submitting the Form. Print it and send it along the sample tubes to the service.
  • Avoid names with empty spaces and non alpha numeric characters. The only characters allowed are letters, numerals and – _ ( ) { } # . +.

Sample shipping

  • Samples, and sequencing primers have to be sent as described under “Requirements”, in 1.5mL sterile eppendorf tubes, well closed (please avoid Parafilm) and with sample name labeled with permanent marker.
  • Mail them in a bubble padded envelop in order to reduce breakage risk and losses. Include a copy of the request confirmation sheet.
  • Pure DNA at pH8 is not perishable. No refrigerated shipment is needed.
  • The shipping address is:
    Servicio de Secuenciación; CNIO; Melchor Fernández Almagro 3; E-28029 Madrid.
  • Leftover materials are kept available to their owners for up to four weeks, before disposal.


  • The user receives a confirmation e-mail once the service is completed. Please follow the indications in the confirmation e-mail to download a zipped file containing the results.
  • Sequence results remain available on a Ftp server for 15 days.
  • ZIP files can be decompressed with standard utilities such as WinZip, 7-Zip or Stuffit Expander.
  • Decompression delivers two file types per sequence. Files .SEQ are simple text files which can be opened with any notepad or word processor application. The .AB1 file contains the electrophoregram, plus raw data and metadata.
  • It is recommended to check the electrophoregram to solve or assess ambiguities seen in the .SEQ file.
  • AB1 files can be opened with many sequence analysis packages, or with any of these freware:

For any comment or clarification please address secuencia@cnio.es For additional contact details please check the main page.