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Orlando Domínguez
Orlando Domínguez Head of the Sequencing Unit
T +34 917328000 (Ext 3120)

Contact for further Information: secuencia@cnio.es

By means of the ABI Prism system (Applied Biosystems) of fluorescent terminators and the AB3730 multicapilar electrophoresis analyzer it is now possible to consistently obtain sequences longer than 1000pb per reaction, depending on the quality, quantity and nature of the substrates (molds, initializers) involved. Nonetheless, sensitivity to foreign substances (salts, EDTA, RNA, organic compounds) and the concentration of both the mold as well as the initializer make strict attention to all recommendations an imperative.


  • Sequencing of purified DNA supplied by the client.
    The results will generally be available as from two working days following the receipt of samples.


For additional information, or to report of anomalies or other incidents please contact:
C/ Melchor Fernández Almagro 3
28029 Madrid”

More specific information is available under the “DNA Sequencing”heading.

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