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CNIO biobank services portfolio

  • Collection, management, processing, storage and transfer of human biological samples and associated information (clinical and research).
  • Management and coordination of all aspects related to the use of human samples for research in multicentre studies.
  • Advice on the design of research projects requiring the use of samples.
  • Transformation into derivatives from primary human research samples (tissuearrays, DNA, RNA, etc.).
  • Custody of collections of biological samples and/or associated information for biomedical research promoted by both CNIO and external research groups.
  • Technical, scientific and ethical advice on the collection, storage and management of human samples for biomedical research, as well as on the creation and management of new collections.

How to request samples from CNIO biobank?

In order to process any request for samples or data, researchers must send the following documentation to the biobank:

Once received at the biobank, the application will follow the following steps: Download PDF image

The external committees attached to the CNIO biobank, as established by Royal Decree 1716/2011, evaluate all transfer applications. The ISCIII Research Ethics Committee and a Scientific Committee formed by:

In case of rejection, this must always be justified and in accordance with the biobank’s access policy, the opinion of the committees being binding.

Collections managed as a biobank

The CNIO Biobank’s fundamental mission is to facilitate research in cancer and related processes. The collections managed under the biobank regime include link (PDF)

CNIO Biobank fees 2022

The fees applied only cover the costs of the processing and management of the donated samples, the price of the samples being free of charge.

The Biobank is authorised by the Community of Madrid as regulated in RD1716/2011 and registered in the National Register of Biobanks with reference B.000848.

For further information, please contact: biobanco@cnio.es