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Scientists normally display the results of their research in the form of articles for international scholarly journals. Prior to publication, the contents of these articles are strictly filtered and submitted to experts in the field for approval. It is a system that seeks to guarantee the accuracy and rigor of a key marker on the red line that separates science from pseudoscience, the latter having nothing comparable by way of quality control.

The number of articles originating from a given research center and their “impact” — the number of times an article is cited by other scientists — is a significant indicator of excellence. Going by those exacting standards, it is a source of no little pride to see the CNIO acknowledged as one of the most outstanding cancer research centers in the entire world.

CNIO has been generating more and more high quality scientific productivity in recent years, and indeed in 2021 a wide number of studies were published by the Centre in peer-reviewed journals with an IF greater than 10 – led by the Centre or in collaboration with other institutions.

In 2021, according to the Nature Index considering our scientific contributions in the life sciences and healthcare field, CNIO ranked second position among cancer focused institutions in Europe. This achievement unquestionably portrays our international competitiveness and our leadership in cancer research.

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