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Erwin Wagner
Erwin Wagner Heads of Research Units
T +34 912246912 (Ext 3800)

Staff Scientists

  • Latifa Bakiri
  • Nuria Gago
  • María Jiménez
  • Liliana Fajardo Mellor

Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Kazuhiko Matsuoka
  • Alvaro Ucero


  • Ana Guío

Our studies aim to analyse gene function in healthy and pathological conditions, e.g. in tumour development, using the mouse as a model organism but also employing patientderived samples. Specifically, the functions of the AP-1 (Fos/ Jun) transcription factor complex regulating cell proliferation, differentiation and oncogenesis, as well as the cross-talk between organs are being investigated. The goal is to define molecular pathways leading to disease/cancer development and to identify novel therapeutic targets (FIGURE). We focus on:

  • Elucidating a causal link between inflammation, cancer and AP-1 (Fos/Jun) expression, using cell type-specific, switchable genetically engineered mouse models (GEMMs).
  • Developing and characterising new GEMMs for cancer and human diseases, such as bone loss, arthritis, fibrosis and psoriasis, and applying these to preclinical studies.
  • Using multiple approaches to compare mouse models of disease to human disease and to identify therapeutically relevant targets.