Crystallography and Protein Engineering Unit

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Staff Scientists

  • Jorge Luís Martínez

Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Yudhi Nugraha


  • Aida Contreras
  • Pilar Redondo
  • César Rodríguez

The Crystallography and Protein Engineering Unit (XTPEUnit) is a core facility that provides on-demand services at different levels, from protein cloning to the determination of its 3D structure, with the purpose to fulfil the demands of our users and to comprehend how their protein targets work. Thus, we produce proteins for different types of biochemical/biophysical/in vitro/in vivo assays, for monoclonal antibody generation, and we also offer macromolecular structural determination at low resolution by small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) or at atomic resolution by X-ray crystallography. The latter includes protein co-crystallisation in the presence of inhibitors or small fragments − a method that we routinely combine in parallel with the quantification of protein thermal stability (thermofluor assay) − during the guided drug discovery process.