Crystallography and Protein Engineering Unit

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Staff Scientists

  • Jorge Luís Martínez

Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Raquel Sofia Correia
  • Johanne Le Coq


  • Aida Contreras
  • Diana Martín
  • Álvaro Otero

The Crystallography and Protein Engineering Unit (XTPEUnit) is a central core facility as well as a research laboratory whose main goal is to supply the requests of the research groups within the CNIO, as well as external groups, by providing on-demand services at different levels. The Unit covers all the services that range from the coding sequence cloning to the resolution of the 3D structure, whilst always focusing on helping the research groups in reaching a broader characterisation of their proteins of interest. These services span the production of proteins for different types of biochemical/biophysical assays, monoclonal antibody production, and macromolecular structural determination at low resolution by small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) or at high resolution by X-ray crystallography. The latter includes protein co-crystallisation, a method that we routinely combine with the quantification of the protein thermal stability (thermofluor assay), in the presence of inhibitors during the structure guided drug discovery process.