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Geoffrey John Macintyre
Geoffrey John Macintyre Group Leader
T +34 (+34) 917 328 000 (Ext )

In the Computational Oncology Group we tackle some of the deadliest cancers by targeting the causes of chromosomal instability. Pancreatic, esophageal, lung and ovarian cancers have the lowest survival rates, but they also share a common trait which we can exploit – extreme chromosomal instability (CIN). By therapeutically targeting CIN, we aim to improve outcomes in these tumours.

Our main research areas include:

  • therapeutic targeting of CIN in tumour organoids
  • predicting therapy response using CIN signatures in patient biopsies
  • developing DNA sequencing workflows for detecting CIN in the clinic
  • developing single cell/nucleus sequencing approaches to detect ongoing CIN

We are applying these technologies at the earliest stages of tumour development in patients with the goal of preventing aggressive, difficult to treat cancers.