Seve-Ballesteros Foundation Brain Tumour Group

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Staff Scientists

  • Bárbara Oldrini

Graduate Students

  • María del Mar Gardeazabal
  • Verónica Matía


  • Alicia Marie Gaëlle Leblond

Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common and lethal primary central nervous system tumour in adults. Despite the recent advances in treatment modalities, GBM patients generally respond poorly to all therapeutic approaches and prognosis remains dismal. Radiation and chemo-resistance are characteristic of various cancer types, however it is not clear if this therapy resistance is a consequence of tumour progression or if it is intrinsically associated with the genetic events that lead to the tumour formation in the first place. Gaining insights into the pathways that determine this poor treatment response will be instrumental for the development of new therapeutic modalities.

In our laboratory, we use a variety of approaches − both genetic and small molecule drug screenings − coupled with in vivo GBM mouse models in order to identify genes involved in therapy resistance of gliomas. We reason that these studies will help to define new therapeutic targets for treatment of brain tumours.