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Vacant Director

Graduate Students

  • María del Mar Gardeazabal
  • Verónica Matía

Malignant brain tumours represent about 3% of all cancers, and annually about 100,000 new cases are diagnosed worldwide. In Spain, there are about 4,000 new cases a year. Gliomas are a large collection of brain tumours of which Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) is the most frequent and aggressive primary central nervous system (CNS) tumour in adults. Regardless of the recent advances in treatment modalities, GBM patients usually respond weakly to all therapeutic approaches, and prognosis remains dismal (approximately 15 months).

In our laboratory, we use a combination of genomic analysis, mouse models and primary tumour cell cultures, with the main goal of identifying the molecular mechanisms that could provide the basis for novel therapeutic modalities for GBM patients.