Cell Division and Cancer Group

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Clinical Investigator

  • Rodrigo Sánchez

Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Diana Vara

Graduate Students

  • Gloria Cristina Bonel
  • Alejandro García
  • Fátima Guerra
  • Luis Rodrigo López
  • Enrique Nogueira
  • Agustín Sánchez


  • Estefania Ayala
  • Jesús Castillo
  • Sandra Díez
  • Aicha El Bakkali

The Cell Division and Cancer Group is interested in deciphering the mechanisms by which cell division and cell proliferation are regulated in mammalian cells. Our scientific interests are to: i) understand the basic control mechanisms that regulate the cell division cycle; ii) characterise the physiological and therapeutic consequences of cell cycle deregulation; iii) understand self-renewal and pluripotency in stem cell biology and tumour development; and iv) improve the use of old and new targets for cancer therapy. As a final goal, we aim to generate information that will be useful for understanding basic mechanisms of cell function and to improve therapeutic strategies against cancer cell proliferation.