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Research Scientists

  • Sonia Hernández
  • Eva Pilar Lospitao
  • Carolina Maestre
  • Gloria Martínez del Hoyo


  • Jenniffer Patricia Condo
  • Laura Diezma
  • Roberto Gómez
  • Alicia Luengo
  • Sandra Peregrina

Our laboratory, in collaboration with Loxo@Lilly Oncology, is working on the identification and validation of novel molecular targets engaged in the induction of chromosomal instability (CIN). Our goal is to find novel therapies that would make tumours bearing CIN more susceptible to destruction, either with the use of single agents, or acting synergistically with other anti-tumour therapies. Exploring how to better target these mechanisms would lead to better and more efficient therapeutic options, including more personalised therapies.

A combination of in vitro and in vivo approaches is being utilised to obtain a complete understanding of the role of CIN in tumour development and anti-tumour response. Each target goes through an in vivo validation process using xenografts, allografts, and mouse models developed at the CNIO that includes the use of non-invasive in vivo imaging technologies, and immune histochemical characterisation of tumours for different metabolic, immune, and tumour markers. The final step is the validation in human samples using tumour tissue arrays.


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