Prostate Cancer Clinical Research Unit

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Staff Scientists

  • Pedro P. Lopez-Casas

Clinical Investigator

  • Daniel Alameda
  • Elena Castro

Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Carlo Cattrini
  • Ylenia Cendón
  • David Martínez


  • Eva María Casas
  • Federica Ferrante
  • Olga Popova
  • Leticia Rivera

Prostate cancer (PrCa) is one of the most heritable human cancers. Inherited mutations in several genes involved in DNA damage response and repair have been reported to predispose men to PrCa, including mutations in BRCA2. Seminal work from our Group has established that these mutations are an independent prognostic factor for the disease.

The Prostate Cancer Clinical Research Unit remains a major contributor to CNIO’s scientific productivity, with a total IF > 90 in 2019, and an accumulated IF > 500 since the Unit’s creation in 2012. These figures include 15 manuscripts led or co-led by the team in first-decile journals, and 3 major contributions to clinical practice included in the NCCN, EAU, ASCO, and/or ESMO PrCa management and treatment guidelines. Our associated CNIO-IBIMA CRU has consolidated as the biggest disease-specific CNIO clinical unit in numbers of CNIO sponsored studies and patients enrolled in these studies. The Unit has contributed significantly to major clinical trials in the field, such as SPARTAN or PROFOUND (both published in NEJM with D. Olmos as author), that led to the approvals of the novel anti-androgen apalutamide and the PARP inhibitor olaparib, respectively. In 2019, this Unit enrolled a record of 132 patients in prostate cancer trials.

Our Group continues to be successful in securing competitive national and international grants. 2019 was a record year in terms of funding: we received the ‘Excellence in Research’ CRIS Foundation Grant, the prestigious ‘Proyectos AECC Grant’, as well as 1 of the Top 3 AES-ISCIII research grants (both in scoring and financial support). Overall this positions our Unit as one of top performing units at CNIO, contributing significantly to the excellence profile of the institution.