Monoclonal Antibodies Core Unit

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  • Álvaro García
  • Scherezade Jiménez
  • Lorena Maestre
  • Ana Isabel Reyes
  • Andrea Belén Romero

The production of monoclonal antibodies has had a profound impact on multiple branches of biomedical research, and has driven a fundamental shift in the analysis of biological problems. Monoclonal antibodies allow a better understanding of life processes, and can help in the discovery and elucidation of new pathways for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancer.

The Monoclonal Antibodies Unit provides CNIO Research Groups with à la carte generation of mAbs. We are highly specialised in the production of mouse and rat monoclonal antibodies. The Unit also offers mAb characterisation and validation, medium-scale mAb production, as well as a service of Mycoplasma testing for the cell culture facility.