Histopathology Core Unit

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Vacant Director

Staff Scientists

  • Eduardo Jose Caleiras


  • María Gómez
  • Patricia González
  • Zaira Vega

Pathology is devoted to the study of the structural, biochemical and functional changes in cells, tissues and organs that underlie disease. By using molecular, immunological and morphological techniques, pathology aims to serve as the bridge between basic science and clinical medicine.

The Histopathology Unit offers assistance and expertise through a full range of services covering from paraffin embedding and tissue sections to histochemical stains, research and diagnostic immunohistochemistry (IHC) testing, antibody validation, and in situ hybridisation (ISH), as well as the construction of tissue microarrays. Furthermore, the Unit offers other value added services assisted by a team of highly specialised technicians, such as laser-capture microdissection; slide digitalisation for bright-field, polarisation light and fluorescence; image analysis; and quantification. The Unit collaborates with researchers at any stage of their scientific career in the histological characterisation of phenotypically relevant animal models of disease, thus providing them with the pathology expertise required for the success of their projects.